Concept visualization

  • Creative solution for your Event Logo
  • Set, exhibition and structure design and build
  • Print concept development
  • Lighting, sound and projection design

Technical production

  • Technical design and build
  • Digital support and programming
  • Specialist services


  • Signage and on-site message management
  • Interactive websites; blogs, chat forums


  • Opening and closing
  • Highlights
  • Specific message delivery


The first step we take when developing a new concept design is to determine our client’s needs, the message that the design should portray, and how it should appeal to customers or end users. At Watermelon Communication Limited, our creative designers consider cognitive, cultural, physical, and social factors in planning and executing designs for the target audience.

We gather relevant information by meeting with clients, creative or art directors, and by performing our own research. As graphic designers, we identify the key elements our clients and their consumers require in order to assess the scope of the work involved, and focus on creating corporate communication strategies in addition to technical design and layout work.

Watermelon Communication Limited plans, analyzes, and creates visual solutions to communications problems. We work closely with our clients to decide the most effective way of conveying messages in print and electronic media using a variety of methods incorporating color, text, illustrations, photography, animation, and various print and layout techniques. We have the expertise for magazines, newspapers, journals, corporate reports and other publications.

Our in-house production team works with you to establish the key brand message, and deliver every element to that overarching concept. From looking at creative ways to use print, set design or digital to designing a completely immersive delegate experience – we believe your message should have longevity and we are passionate about finding new ways to excite and inspire your delegates.

Imaginative Solutions

Like with everything we do, we adapt to fit you. Our teams will always tailor the approach to suit your existing processes, guidelines and objectives to provide the most impactful, creative and cost effective solution.

And of course we’ll also be on hand to manage the technical running of the day itself.