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If you’ve been lucky enough to see a great performance at any event then you’ll know how it can lift the atmosphere and make an occasion stand out. Watermelon has longstanding connections with an incredible amount of exceptionally talented people at the top of their game and we can find the right combination for your occasion.

Illusionists, fire-eaters, crystal ball manipulators and a vast array of world class musicians. Whatever suits your theme or brings that little bit extra, we can recommend it, source it or find a suitable alternative if you can’t stretch the budget. Who would you like to make an appearance at your party?


Negotiating the right cable against three potential power sources isn’t everybody’s strong point. We like to think we know what we’re doing but it’s often better to leave it to the professionals and fortunately Watermelon has many at our disposal.

If you have a conference, presentation or are looking to put on a bit of a show, we can provide the right equipment and the technical support along with it. Lighting, sound, video and stage set carpentry, it’s not a problem. Are you ready to inspire your audience?