Our process

Our clients know their business better than anyone else. That is why our approach to design is fundamentally collaborative. We take great care to understand our clients' businesses and needs, but more importantly we simply listen to what they have to say. Our process can be summarized in 4 steps:

We listen.  |   We propose.  |   We collaborate.  |   We produce.

We listen

Through our initial meetings with clients we establish their communication objectives, budget parameters, and define a work schedule. The information gathered from these meetings helps us to formulate a design strategy and production plan. Our design strategy ensures our clients' intended message is communicated to their target audience, while our production plan equals a smooth and well-managed project, with no surprises along the way.

We propose

After our initial meetings we present the first round of potential designs, with at least two or three options to choose from. In the rare circumstance that our clients feel that none of these design options embody their vision or objectives, we work tirelessly to create a design that does.

We collaborate

Once the design has been chosen, we work closely with the client to ensure their objectives and values are embodied in the final output. We keep our clients informing about the progress time to time which allows them to track the progress of the project and contribute comments, files, and other material in a timely and constructive manner.

We produce

Once all design and production stages of the project are complete we prepare for the printing press or online environment or for execution. We assist with all aspects of final production, and coupled with our attention to detail; this guarantees a smooth and efficient production process, a final product of the highest standard, and a result that meets all of our clients' goals and expectations.


We work hard to foster constructive and collaborative working relationships with all our clients and suppliers so that our ultimate goal of providing top quality, high-impact service is realized. The best reward is when our customers pay us the honor of choosing to work with us again.