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We negotiate on your behalf to ensure you get the best venue in terms of price, suitability and terms and conditions— whether you’re putting on a local corporate dinner or an international road show.

Our venue sourcing team doesn’t rely on glossy brochures to tell them about a venue, instead, they pay regular visits to new and existing sites to stay up to date on how they’re looking and performing.

This means our database is always up to date with information on improvements, refurbishments and any other changes which may affect the venues suitability.

To those who say it’s what’s inside that counts, ask them if they’ve ever been to a state-of-the-art conference centre instead of ‘the local hotel’? Or how about a private party at Golf Club?

Watermelon has contacts with some of the most unusual and increasingly sought after venues in the Bangladesh and we’ve been lucky enough to sample some incredible overseas locations. You can always opt for familiar territory but when it comes to making a mark on your guests, the unexpected never fails to impress. We can also help with transport and accommodation, local guidance.


  • Access to a larger number of venues
  • Fast response - a range of options presented within 24 hours
  • A specific contact and account team
  • Management Information with a full range of reports on your event activities
  • Negotiated risk and cost avoidance on terms and conditions
  • Client Zone with secure access to all your event details