Watermelon Communication Limited


You may have noticed that there’s a fair amount of choice online for reaching and interacting with your audience; it’s overwhelming!

Watermelon Communication Limited offers a full range of internet marketing, reputation management and web analytics services for your Brand.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful ways to send targeted visitors to your website. Watermelon Communication Limited’s expert team use proven techniques that drive results and help you achieve your goals.


With the unparalleled targeting capabilities of social media marketing come unparalleled opportunities. Watermelon Communication Limited knows how to leverage social media to get results for B2B, B2C and nonprofits. Reach your audience on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.


Be Accountable. Know what does and does not work for you business and make smart decisions based on expert analysis of analytics data. Make your marketing decisions based on cold hard data and lots of testing, not gut feelings or personal preferences.


When done right, online display advertising is very effective for branding and awareness. Watermelon Communication Limited can help you deliver the right message to the right audience. We'll develop and test effective display ads and landing pages and back it up with solid analytics to deliver the best possible results.